Fulcrum, Lever and Rotation are currently in stock and can be signed with your own personal message. The price of £10.99 includes p&p of £2.48 in the UK. Purchasers outside the UK will pay more until a POD arrangement can be made and should e-mail pdemitchell@yahoo.com directly - the same for Goddess and Changeling. Please note that Shrines, Ka-Ching and  the Long Grin are not yet on POD lists.

Fulcrum sample.pdf Fulcrum sample.pdf
Size : 0.305 Kb
Type : pdf
Goddess sample 2.pdf Goddess sample 2.pdf
Size : 0.179 Kb
Type : pdf
Lever Sample.pdf Lever Sample.pdf
Size : 0.335 Kb
Type : pdf
Changeling sample.pdf Changeling sample.pdf
Size : 0.271 Kb
Type : pdf
Rotation sample.pdf Rotation sample.pdf
Size : 0.364 Kb
Type : pdf
Long Grim Sample.pdf Long Grim Sample.pdf
Size : 0.78 Kb
Type : pdf

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