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The End of the World is Nigh.... 

Yeah, right! Try telling that to Gildas - then move back quick before he spits in your eye. Can’t blame him really. After all, it’s because you and those like you caused the mess in the first place by your ignorance and greed that he’s having to leave the planet of his birth for an unknown destination. Not only has he a blood-score to settle but he also has to keep side-stepping the highly un-subtle clutches of an amorous Amazon and has the misfortune to fall helplessly in love with a psychopathic killer, who hates his guts for no obvious reason. This tale follows our unlikely hero to when he first finds himself in space totally unprepared for the future. What happens to him from then on is anybody’s guess, though it all finally becomes clear in Gildas Out There and Gildas Back Here.


I have now taken over the once thrusting  but sadly dormant wuggles publishing 

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