Introducing Light-Father - Harold Porter - the unlikely saviour of the lost Children of Exodus!

A lonely lab technician, Harold Porter, is pulled into a world devastated by the powerful Order of Christ the Healer – a rebellious order that worships genetics as God’s Will and releases its  lethal Revelation Virus that targets the DNA of the Unworthy. In an empty rail-yard in Britannia he appears in a blaze of light to a band of orphaned children being hunted down by the Tally-Men, surgically altered to obey the Order without question. Using all his technical skills and aided by the elusive Wiccans of the Motherhood,  he leads his band of Scatterlings to the Great Abbey to bring down the evil Great-Abbot Schimrian and the Great Computer - the A.I. that designed the Virus and weapons of the Order – only to find that the computer has a name:


 Painting by Paul D.E. Mitchell

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