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£ 9.99 

Book 1 of the Shrines Trilogy      ISBN 978-1-904043-14-0
   The Prophet of the House, Thomas Lewis, transcended leaving his gifted niece, Gemma, to cope with that loss. Her mentor, Zhara, has also dies and passed  on  the  mantle of Ormuzd to Gemma who discovers what it means to be a Goddess.  The  world powers suspect that the destruction  wreaked   in London was due to new weapons - agents are sent to the UK to seize this 'technology'. Thomas's daughter, Amy, develops a gift of her own but all goes well until the army is sent in to take the body of  Tamsin  Lewis for  scienctific study and only  Gemma and Amy can stop them...


£ 9.99 

 Book 2 of the Shrines Trilogy       ISBN 978-1-904043-17-1       
     Gemma Lewis has recovered from her injuries and the Lewises and have enjoyed  two  years  of relative peace but the House of All Faith is now on a par with  Christianity  and Islam as its Book  completes the  Great Synthesis but the billionaire, Albert  Maeth, sets   up the  Magnum Libris to destroy the House and  Gemma and the psychic, Siobhan O’Grady. Then Tamsin Lewis reappears  in the very  place she was killed but she’s now a Changeling, her resurrection sparking another wave of fear and eugenic hatred  against  this remarkable and troubled family.                                                  


£ 9.99 

 Book 3 of the Shrines Trilogy       ISBN 978-1-904043-TBC 
  Jillsy Stoker plans a child of Thomas Lewis by IVF but the Movement, a new faction of the House of All Faith, want that child for their Messiah and pray to Shrines of Gemma Lewis causing the telepath untold agony. Gemma and her cousin, Amy, are forced to battle killing-machines in Oxford and the Child of Dark as the Government is beseiged by UN mandates calling for their arrest. The Irish seer, Siobhan O'Grady, embraces her full power and unveils the terrifying truth of the Third Betrayal...                                                                                                                                            

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